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      I'm badly in love with my bestfriend...:(


   When I'm at my high school year Ive got a best-friend whom i secretly admire but when our friendship grow deeper and deeper.. I badly fell in love with him. And I'm lucky enough to have him as my bestfriend because in our high school years all girls and gays admired him a lot so those people will come to me and told me that I'm very lucky to have that boy as my bestfriend because Im the only girl in school whom he go out with. I'm the only girl he accompany with. We watched a movie together, sleepover at our friends house, went home together and many more. So, i feel so blessed to have him in my life but he doesn't know how much i love him not just a bestfriend love but more than that.

    But the sad part is, now, when were in our college years. We took the same course in the same university but its just that were not classmates so our bonding is not that closed anymore because we seldom talk and were both busy in our different lives. And i just knew that she got a new companion in their section. So, I'm hurting inside but when we talked I wont even talk about the girl. I just pretend to be okay and fine with my life...I really thought we can be together as lovers but I'm wrong... I just hope his happy with his life with his new girl...


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