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      Every Mile a Memory


 When somebody love you its the feeling that gets me every time I play those words in my mind cause love was hard to come by in my life. I never really knew my father as most daughters do. He left me and my brother when we were pretty young. My mother was never really there when I needed her do be. She never helped with school work and helped me when I was down. I turned to many ways to find love. It was a long road but in the end I found the one true love in my life. I knew the man in my life way before we stared to date, way back to elementary school. We caught Sparks in 11th grade and that's when we stared to dates. It was a new feeling of love to me. I was never loved the way he wanted to love me so it was hard and I slowly pushed him away after a year. School was coming to an end for me and I new something was missing in my life and in my heart. I took it upon myself to ask him back out and I glad I did. Oh I'm more then over joyed. Its been five years we been dating and were still going strong. He's the missing hole in my heart for love. I thought I was gonna have to search for the rest of my life for someone to fill that empty hole. He is the most amazing special man in my life. He has all the qualities that I been looking for in a husband, caring, loving , thoughtful, sensitive, and romantic. He has those baby blue eyes that I can't help getting lost in every time and his strong arms are so tender at times that it just make me want to melt. The love I have for him is so strong cause no one loves me in the way that he does. He showed me how to love unconditionally and how to open up and share my feelings I never really knew how to do that I would keep it bottled inside. Loving him made me realize to let your heart lead the way and you will feel when everything is right. I know its right I can feel it thanks to him. Thank you.




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