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      #47 he is my forbidden love!


Just call me devil for short. I'm 18 years of age. I'm a girl leaving somewhere in Mindanao,Philippines.

There was a guy I fell in love with. Just call him angel for short.His been my classmate in English 2 subject. He is a transferre from the 2 other schools in Mindanao,Philippines.He loves to play basketball and by that he makes me feel very in love with him.

He is a guy I used to call mine.His been my inspiration from all the things I did. Every little thing makes my life worth livin'. I really admired him so much.

My friends settled us a blind date took on our foundation day and palakasan. That day was my unforgettable day because that was the first time we talked,first time we glance and stare at each other. First time we hold at each others hand..

after the blind date.he get my cp no. then weve been txtmate for how many days,weeks and months.

He confess his secret feelings towards me. He said he really like me but he cant love me because its forbidden. He knew that I like and love him too but we try to forget our feelings on one another because his a catholic and im an Islam.

But now, I learned to forget the feelings that I have. But im thankful because despite of what it is where good friends right now.


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