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      A Tale of True Love.


My name is Simon Recheaux.  Since a child I have been captivated by stories of romance, particularly because my own parents were so madly in love, even having been together for over twenty years.  I would say to people who talked badly of love, "If you see it--then you will believe it can happen!"  I am sure my mother and father will remain together until they are dead.  They never fight, they are always affectionate, open, communicative, and caring for one another--and they have been for myself and for my two younger sisters, whom I cherish deeply.


So I have always known, when I do fall in love, She will be my one and only.  I have known this my whole life, and thus have lived accordingly.  I have avoided the party life, the drug lifestyles, I have stayed focused on my schooling and have maintained good relationships with my extended family, instead of wasting time establishing friendships with strangers who will inevitably leave my life to pursue their own interests.  I have worked to earn a good living so that when I finally do meet the woman of my dreams, we can live a life free of financial worries, and raise a family if it is in our interest (which I always imagined it would).


I met her, serendipitously, my final year at university.  I had just gotten news that I was hired at this excellent law firm, I could start as soon as I graduated.  Likewise, I had found an excellent one-bedroom house on a newly-developed part of town, there is no crime there and the grocery store is conveniently in walking distance.  I am also not far from the firm.  So I was ready to get my life started--everything was perfect.


I met her, oddly enough, on the street.  I had just finished my mid-term exams and was walking to the bookstore to find a pleasure read.  I do not do this kind of thing very often, but when I have finished my obligations I like to treat myself.  She was stunning--she was wearing glasses and her hair was pulled back, she was wearing a beautiful flowing dress.  I thought to myself, "there, a woman who dares to look feminine.  It is so rare these days."  I did something I never did before--I must remind the reader, I was never before involved with a woman, never had sex, only have I been friends with them, and usually my friendships are very casual--I asked her name.


"Lydia," she said--I was beaming.


I could tell she was a little put off.  I must confess, I was quite decided.  I had never seen a woman so beautiful, I thought, and probably never would again.  There was a moment of I suppose awkward silence, when I explained to her my purpose--I told her I was on the way to buy a book, but I could not resist asking her name.  I asked if she was busy, if we could meet some time--fortunately she was not!  She accompanied me to the bookstore and was actually quite open to this quite friendly encounter.  I think she even suspected me of loving her, and even so soon. 


As it turned out, she had a very similar family life--just as I had suspected.  I knew my first would be my last, and that our similarities would be... predictably impossible.  My life tale is a love story, I can thank God for that--I do not subscribe to any religion but the religion of romance, I suppose, of true love.  I only know that if you believe in love, are patient, and good to yourself, eventually the universe will deliver everything you could ever hope for--and more. 


Lydia is angelic.  She is kind, caring, gorgeous, intelligent, and loyal.  She had never been involved with another man.  Needless to say, we were quickly married.  Our marriage was a celebration of our chastity, and also a farewell party to it.  Twenty-five years was well worth the wait, I will tell you that.  We intend on adopting children in the near future, currently we only lack the money... and I suppose, would like some more time to spend alone (perhaps a few more years?  We will see how this goes.) 


My family tells me I am very lucky, that my life sounds like it belongs in a romance novel.  I have to say, it does!  Lydia has even proposed that she write one.  I have supported her decision.


For those of you who are interested, Lydia is a painter (whose works is fairly well-renowned in the Atlanta area) and an actuary.  We both make a decent amount of money.  I have since left my old house where I stayed when I met her, but I did live there for a year before we decided to get a place together. 


I cannot stress how much I love this woman.  The english language lacks the passion I hope to communicate... that one man's life might go exactly as planned, and even exceed his own expectations.  I learn something new about myself every day... I have gotten over so many of my childish whims and miseries, and she tells me the same.  Our "chance" encounter is more like destiny, we accept the destiny of our encounter as fact, I will attest to any anti-religious man that I am in no way coerced into believing that our meeting and subsequent experience together was a matter of probability.



The end.


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