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      True Never Grows Old


 It was a sunny day around the time when spring begins. I was bored, so I called my friend, Betty and see what she is doing. I told her that we should go to the fleet market and walk around. So, I went to her house to get her. When we got there, we bumped into one of her middle school friend. He was a break-dancer. (That time break-dancing was really popular for the younger kids.) She introduced me to him and then they were talking and talking forever. After she was talking to him, we kept walking around and she asked me if I know anyone here. I told her that we should keep walking around we might see someone I know. When we were walking to the entrance door, I saw a tall, thin guy standing there. I ran up to him and tapped his shoulders. Right when he turned around, I knew it already that he wasn't the guy I thought he was. But, I asked him anyways. Are you Charlie? He answered me, Nope wrong person! I felted so dumb and embarrassing that I just want to leave that place. A few months later, my dad moved to a new house on Conway Ave and Maria Ave. It was the last day of school that year. It was really that me, my sister, Darrah, and one of my friends, Cee decided to call our guy friend to see if he wants to go swimming. Him and our other guy friend came and picked us up to go swimming. We stopped by at the Lake Phalen to pick up some more friends. There were a lot high school students that ditched school to come swimming at the lake. We saw one of our friends and we were talking to for about twenty minutes. Then, we saw one my brother's old friends too. He came up to us and asked us if we want to go swimming with them. But, we were supposed to go with our other friends. He went to go pick up one other friend. I told him that we're not sure because we were going swimming with some other people already. We were hesitating for awhile then we told him that we'll go swimming with them. All of a sudden, a guy came up to us with a stick in his hands. He is tall, thin. Wassup Cee? And Cee said hi to him. I was whispering to her ear that who is him. She said it out so loud that he is my brother's friend's older brother that just got out of jail. So I was like, oh... We left with them and we felted bad. We went to the mall because they were gonna go shop for them. I was thinking in my head like isn't that supposed to be the girlfriend's job? We were walking around the mall and when we got to Herberger's, they were trying to run from us. They went up the escelator and we followed them up. When we were goin up, they were comin down. We kept doing that for awhile. Then we left to their friend's house. They were taking like forever over there and it was getting kind of late. We went swimming at the Whitebear Lake. We were swimming and swimming. Kevin was the guy I couldn't keep my eyes off. I was trying to flirt with him. Me and Kevin were swimming to the dock and I remember he asked me some questions but I forgot what though. Then we went back to his friend's house. That night was a terrible night. We went back to Lake Phalen. We were swimming in the lake at like two in the morning. It was me and him swimming together. I was sitting on top of him with legs wrapped around his waist. That was the first time we kissed and it was in the water. It looked so nice when the sun was just about to get out. Phalen is a very crappy lake but that morning it looked so romantic. I was in love with him that night, but I never wanna tell him how I feel about him that time. Even now, we're married, but he doesn't know how I feel about him that time. I was feeling crushed, in love, good, and I feel like I am a hero. Everytime I'm with him it's I'm in god's arm. I feel protected and special because he was so hot and I thought he has a good heart.


          To be continued...




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