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      The beautiful beginning


He looked off into the distance at the nearby trees. Brandon and I had been talking, as he had come to visit me during his break from touring. We had been seeing each other for two months, and I had come to the conclusion that I liked him (I Love him now). As I watched him gaze at the tall trees, Brandon fixed his eyes back on me and smiled. Smiling back, I felt a rush inside that I could never define.

As the sun began to set, Brandon and I looked deeply into each other's eyes. As our faces came closer, he put his hands on my arms, then held both of my hands with his as we shared our first kiss beneath the pink, blue, and violet hues of the sky. After the kiss he held my hand with both of his and we were quiet, but I knew what he was thinking ~ it was the same thing that I was thinking.

We were both happy and complete that we had found one another. We had so much more to share and offer as a couple. I knew I would never forget that evening, for it was the beginning of something beautiful.


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