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      Life is funny that way isn't it


Early in the year I met a boy. He was sweet and I liked him allot. The problem was he didn't like me. I was resilient and just found someone else. I started liking someone else. I have to say I liked more than anyone I had ever liked before. He knew what I was feeling and led me on. But every time. I was hurt and felt horrible. When I was with him I felt special but secretly he was saying that he would not ever go out with me. Even though I knew how he felt I just kept liking him even more and more. Hoping that one day we would be.

          I wrote love poems and dreamed of him every night. Till one day he started going out with my best friend. I finally realized we were never gonna be. So I got over him and started to have feelings for the boy I met earlier in the year again. But this time it was mutual.

      It was a Saturday night and I was in the comfort of my home, sitting in my pj's drinking tea and watching a funny show. Then on my screen popped up a conversation on facebook. The boy earlier in the year started talking to me and I had paused my show. Even though I'm against asking people out online. He did it anyways. That was one of the happiest days of my life.

      Now we are still together, and I am madly in love with him. And I'm scared to loose him every minute of my life. He is my everything and I know this is something I will never regret.

I love you baby


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