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      Everything was just a fake..!?


Its a long n a long story..but I'll try to make it short n simple..

As everyone knows, a love story begins with a proposal n mine was the same..Its a long love affair for about 3 yrs..

In the beginning of our relation,we were so affectionate..lovable towards each other n we used to share almost everything..but things get changed by time..right..!? As time passes by..secrets came into the platform..Ego ruled us.He started showing his originality..Hes so possessive.He used to rule me all the time..I think better word than rule is 'JUDGE'...all the time..I mean ALL THE TIME..he used to fight with me for smaller things n those small will never used to get big issues because I used to get compromise all the time..what to do..?? after all I LOVED him that much..that I didn't valued my EGO more than my LOVE..

but that not the case with him..after 3 yrs..he finally break-ed up with me..

I cried like hell..that was the horrible days of my life where I used to call him without knowing that hes avoiding me..Boys are stupids..they just don't care for girls feeling..they even torture them..i just hate that fellow..Its has been 8months now..i never called him up..

don't think that its my ego..but i didn't called him for a fear of getting hurt..

After 8 months of gap.......

last week I just had a talk with that fellow..n u know that was my weak time..

any guesses about his reaction...???

yes..he changed a lot..It was not him,whom I loved..He became more worse..hes a big fraud..he,himself telling to me that hes having affairs with so many girls...that he'll use girls...n more n more..

I was not shocked as i already expected this from him..but i was little surprised..that's it..

I took time but not so much in deciding him...

I will become very foolish If i still wait for him n wait for him to get realized n come back to me..n u see there's no point in waiting for the one who doesn't even know n care about I finally got a conclusion..not to get into any affairs...the main reason behind this is I'm not ready to take any more hurts..

Finally,I wanna tell people one thing..I'm only 20yrs old now..n i learned a lot of things from my short life..

"EVERYONE WILL PAY FOR THEIR SINS" one or the other day





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