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      He Will Always Be There In The End.


This man has been in my life since I was 12 years old. We met through my brother and it's his best friend. I swear when we first saw each other birds flew and my heart raced. I am now 18 years old and he will be 24 in July and we still feel that way for each other, but there's ALWAYS a problem. Every time we see each other or talk to each other we fall in love again and can not help our selves. Something always keeps us from each other like being too young or messing behind my brothers back or I was just too immature at the time.


I don't know what it is about this man, but somehow we always come back to each other in the end. A year would go by without talking and then out of the blue we would message each other and fall in love. It never stops! I'm always afraid to tell him my feelings, but he ends up telling me he misses me so much and he wants me too himself, but there's always something in the way.


I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now and we've had our ups and downs a lot like with him cheating on me and lying, but I've always taken him back and now for almost 1 year he has been good to me. I recently started cheating on him though and I end it soon and I thought I was going to stop, but that man came running back into my life and now I can't stop thinking of him and we both want to be together so bad, but cant because I'm with my boyfriend and I can't leave him for someone I don't know will work out.


I broke up with my boyfriend last year because of this man and I thought we were going to be together forever, but it only worked out for 2 weeks! I was 17 when we got together and still living with my parents and had no bills to pay, but now I'm on my own and want my space so I know it would be different if we were together. I just don't know if I want to take the chance of giving up the person I have been with for almost 3 years for this man I can't stop thinking of and emotionally attached too.


Is this man my soul mate and God has plans for me to be with this man? I really don't know if it's meant to be or not. We always run back to each other and when we see each other we get weak and our hearts want one another and I know this because he tells me before I even tell him. I want him so badly, but can't right now. 


We both agreed that if were really meant to be together and were each others soul mates, then in the future we will end up together someway, somehow, and it will finally be the right time.


~Love Triangle


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