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      Story of me


I close my eyes whilst sitting beside my computer and think back to the first time that I saw him.

I went to the English institute like every day. but that day was different, our class was full and I had to sit in the hall. I saw my teacher Mr. Ahmadnejad, he wanted to start a relationship with me, but I hate him, as he walked past I saw another teacher, Mr.Pedram. He's 22, has goatee beard is very tall and entirely too handsome. he was smoking and I was studying my lecture.

Mr Ahmadnejad walked, speaking and laughing to girls and doing everything to make me look at him. During my thoughts I could feel someone looking at me, Mr. Pedram was looking at me... he has a naughty but lovely smile, I think my love story started from that time. I fell in love at that first sight.

After that term I forget all about him for a little while but in the new term my love story started again. My teacher in the new term was unfortunately Mr. Ahmadnejad I had to change this class, the following day I was sat in class and guess who is my teacher? yeah, Mr. Pedram.

My love for him grew greater each day. However, I don't knowhow he feels about me.

When he walks into class, I am the first one he looks at, when everyone in the class is busy and quiet I can feel him looking at me and when I look back at him he smiles or looks away immediately. He seems to remember all the things that I tell him and all things that I write when we speak in person, he seems to show his feelings but doesn't make it obvious. When he is alone and I speak to him he acts shy, I've never seen him like this with any other girls. In our discussions he always wants to know my opinion about love and he looks at me so deeply. Sometimes I dream about him and it feels so real, he kisses and holds me and loves me in my dreams.

I dream when I listen to romantic music that I am a Spanish girl and he is a first I'm running and he is searching to find me. He sometimes finds me in the muddy, foggy and dark forest. when he touches my hand I want to escape but he holds me or he finds me in a cottage in middle of that forest. he walks to me smiles and holds me so tight and then kisses me...

I know you laugh at my story but believe me I'm a real lover who couldn't reach to her baby. Does he love me? can we reach to each other?


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