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      Koochu- a doomed love affair


Koochu- A doomed loveaffair

A love affair with Koochuwas one of the most beautiful and important things in my life. Itcarried with it a wide range of emotions. Some of them can beexpressed in words, some can just be felt and some are understoodwithout even speaking between the two of us.

Love is universal andtake many forms. In its most basic form it is a feeling of strongaffection and attachment. Love is form of basic instinct that hasevolved into an emotional state of being.

We will talk about love in the interpersonal state. Scientists consider it as as basicemotion, just like hunger and thirst , which has to be satisfied. Itis also related to the human genetic tendency to breed.Love starts with lustwhich develops into attraction , which ultimately develops into deepbonding or attachment, which forms the basis of long lastingrelationships. Science explains love as a set of chemical reactionsinvolving testosterone,estrogen,pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrineand serotonin. According to them , love stimulates the brain'spleasure centre, which manifests itself in the form of side effectssuch as an increase in heart rate, appetite loss and a feeling ofintense excitement.

While most of the loveaffairs are generally successful, some people are not that lucky andtheir love affairs are doomed from the start. Some people despiteknowing that their love affair is doomed and has a dead end , stillgo for it. Love makes you do stupid things and a doomed love affairis just one of them. But the side affects can be very lifeshattering.

This story is aboutKoochu (my sweet angel) love with me which was doomed and weboth knew it , but you know we had to go for it. The result was lifechanging in many ways. We parted ways in the end, but the mentalscars it left are difficult to heal and will remain for the rest ofour lives. The affair gave us some very beautiful and cherish ablemoments, which will remain in our hearts till death.

Cheers condenados amante


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