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      My first love


i met him at a youth group when i was 19. it was my first week there and i was the cool new thing everyone was talking to me except for him. he just sat there being quiet.then he started a relationship with one of my best friends. i started to fall in love with him. then i heard the best news i could hope for, my friend was cheating on him. i called him up and asked him to come to mine. when he came round i told him and he broke down and asked if he could stay at mine and i said yeah. over the following weeks we starede spending more time together and he started talking to me about all his problems and he told me he had started talking to chris again and there was something else he needed to tell me but couldn't bring himself to tell me. so i said its ok and he could tell me in his own time. i went to make a drink and when i went back into the room he had gone and left a note saying he was sorry and he loved me. i could hear him outside. i got to the window in time to see a car hit him he died later that day


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