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      Broken love


     When i am doing my 9th a guy loved me sincerly but i did not get any impression on him. But suddenly he stopped talking and communicating with me. But one of his friend used to communicate with me very friendly. He became very close friend of mine and he knows in and out about me. He used to share  But he was in love with a girl but the love brokeup. But as my very close friend he shared everything to me and i too felt bad for him.


    We used to meet daily and he was 2yrs senior to me and he finished his schooling and left.  I cried thinking about him for so long days as i do not have anything to communicate with him. when i am doing my college i got chance of meeting him again. Again we became very close and i started loving him though i know his love brokeup and he was not able to forgot his love. I madly loved him but he dd not accept it. We used to go to movies, net cafe everywhere but still he was not ready to accept me which really hurted me a lot.


     Again i lost contact with him then i met a guy in college 2nd year where he was doing his final year. I like all his characters and he was up to my expection and he too loved me too much and he is still loving me too much.We are about to get married soon but the first  guy contacted me through orkut and got my number and he contacted me and he says he loves me so much i was happy to hear this from him but i am not in position to love him as i am going to get married to this 2nd guy soon. Ist guy realised my love after very long time but everything is out of my hands.


    I was in great confusion and i do not know what to answer the first guy when he asked did u loved me and do u love me now. Because 2nd guy loves me very much he is very possessive and at any cost he does not want to lose me. I am going to get married with the 2nd guy soon ad i too cannot leave him. Atlast i told the 1st guy that it is vey late where everything is finished with lot of tears and heart broken.


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