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      Letter; Never Sent


Dearest Friend,

Please forgive me; I lack the courage to say these words to your face. Although it has been a great desire of mine, I fear your reaction upon hearing them. Nevertheless, here is my confession: I have but one certainty and that is; I love you. I love you, very simple; very true. It came unexpected, as well as far too late.  Fear and vanity consumed me thus I betrayed my own heart, and yours. Truth be told (and shamefully so) I have ALWAYS known that WE were MEANT to be together.

I am sorry, and believe me; of all my romantic blunders (and there have been many) this was the worst. Thus I write write no expectations. I do not expect you to love me back, a person of my character is undeserving of your love. If there were ever a time in which I did deserve it, surely that time has come to pass. I have seen you with your girl and if it were possible for her to love more, then I wish you happy.

I hope to one day be free of my desire, to love another and young as I am, that is very possible. In any case; as longing may fade, I will never forget you.  You will always have a place in my memory and my heart. All I ask is that you remember me and not as the fool who writes, but as the fool who loves you.

Love Always, My Wasted Heart


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