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      So sad


we were steady for 3 yrs... and in 3 yrs time, i can say dat i was so hapi... full of hart aches, yes... but i have no regrets at all... i love him so much...

we broke up last oct 11, 2008... i was d 1 hu ended the relationship --- for reasons like he cudn't giv my demands, he wasn't loyal enaf, etc... i guess im way too cool for him... dami ko gusto, d ako marunong makuntento.. i hate myself for dat... i hate myself for dat... i had a new bf but he still tied to win me back. thou i still love him, i stick to my decixon knowing that it'll be easier for me to move on cuz i have sum1 new... I WAS WRONG...

i broke up wid this new guy last month, march... i tried to make it up wid HIM again --- let's keep him behind J's initial. By that time, i know he loes me... he was willing to do everything for me.. He even cried and pled for me to come back..ALL he wanted was me, he didn't ask me to love him or to exert effort or anything... He jut want me back... We tried to work things out... Buthe gave me up.. Simply because I am hu i am..

I hate myself for beng me... I'm stupid...

Jam, wherever you are, i wnt u to know dat im true wid my promise, dat i wil love u forever... kahit may iba na ko at iba ka na, ikaw lng ang minahal ko ng ganito..


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