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      About my story i never told anyone..( 2nd part)


this is the second part of my story....(sorry about the delay, but a lot has happened since i published my first part)..


my life has started to change after that first conversion with "special someone in my life".(i'll call him Steve).which happened more than a year ago, in february 2008..we have been colleagues at work for over 2 years and I have always liked him (his personality), but since I was in relationship and he was in relationship too, I have never thought anything would ever happen or I would ever tell him i liked him...we never talked much, so I had no idea he had feelings for me too, until one day, when he asked my email address, and we got talking online ..he told me, that he had very strong feelings for me, and feels like he is in dream ,everytime he talks to me....i could not believe it..we talked for hours, and the following day was like a dream to me...i couldn't wait to go to work ,and see him,,and i felt like that every single day, a day without seeing him, was painful..we would have long conversations, but nothing ever happened between us, no physical contact whatsoever..

my life carried on as usual, i would go home to my b/friend, would do everything as usual, outside everything was the same, only what i felt inside was very different...i was falling in love...but with wrong person..

it was like that for months, but then one day in june, me and Steve were talking, and he suddenly kissed that point, i knew it wasn't just a kiss..i couldn't stand up, i was speechless..


and that's when it all started..


it is a very long story, so if anyone wants to know the ending, just let me know in message board..i'll be glad to finish it..


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