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i was in grade 6 then...i had a crush on boy1 for over 2 years but it was the first time we've been classmates.i was so glad during first day of the class.suddenly, someone told him that i had a crush on him.syempre iiwas ako sa kanya kasi nakakahiya.even though he always talks to me, umiiwas pa rin ako.then after a month i suddenly forgot him.

during our intramurals at school,i met a 5th grader in our school(boy2).he's handsome, kind, football varsity, good dancer and kind!he keeps on staring at me and i was smiling at him because i thought he also had a crush on me(syempre magiging mafeeling ako noh).

then boy3 told boy2 that i have a crush on him...he wrote a letter to me and it says "hi!i like you as a friend...i don't have a crush on you but i'm inspired by you because you have lots of talents and your so intelligent.i repeat to you, i don't have a crush on you because i have a crush on your friend.can you help me?" i was hurt by that letter.i replied to him that I'll help him so i could get close to him even more.

then someone told me that boy1 also have a crush on me.

who would i pick???


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