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      Forevermore is now over


All my life all i ever wanted was a simple life...whole and happy family, 2-3 kids, a loving and faithful husband that i can share my life with! I never asked for more but why am i suffering right now?! Why did a simple dream can't come true?! I can't help but ask God why i can't have that simple happiness of having someone to love and beloved!!!


The story of my life  before he came was as simple as A B C but then he made it more meaningful. our relationship been through a lot but i fought for our love.


We first met in our school during our high school days... silly but i instantly fell for him...but i just kept it to myself!

Yes, he knew i adore him and tried to court me that time but i turned him down..thinking that he might break my heart.

Then 1 day, i saw him with my classmate and heard that they are already together.


It was a nightmare... he broke my heart without knowing it!

I tried to take away the pain,tried to be not affected, tried not to cry...when my heart is breaking into million pieces inside me!


Then days gone by...i live my life without him!

i live my life keeping the love i have for him... but i know that i have to move on 'cause he will soon to be a father.


Years have passed!!!


i heard that they separate their paths...decided to put an end to their relationship.


after so many years i didn't hear anything about him anymore!

that time i decided to forget about him.Then one ordinary day i saw him once again with his friends...he asked for my number and i decided to give it to him!We exchanged text messages...that time i was into a relationship that's why i tried to avoid him..but i didn't make it!!


i chose him over alex...i followed my heart and accepted his love! i put him as a center of my life until he suddenly became my LIFE...


i loved him with all my heart and my soul!i gave up everything just to be with him..i never felt this happy my whole life.and that very moment i dreamt of being with him FOREVERMORE!!!


But i just noticed as days gone by, he's changing how he treats me...i felt diferrent... i don't want to think that his feelings for me is slowly fading cause i can't imagine my life without him!!


1 day we found out that he got me pregnant...i was working that time but i decided to stop working!!he tried to look for a job,but he failed!we're both jobless until i gave birth to Aisen!i hate to feel alone but that's what i really felt that time...i was wishing he was beside me but he didn't came...


i've been through hard times since then,he's ignoring my pressence!!!i tried to hold on!i tried to save our relationship!i tried to save our family!but he really wanted to be free...he's not telling me goodbye but he's slowly turning his back on me!!!


i didn't know what to do ....where to turn to survive the pain!!!


i don't know what will happen next...i don't know if i would ever make it!!!


i know i need to set him free...and go on with my life without him...


i need that he can't love me...that we're not meant to be!!!


i wished to be with him forevermore...but i guess FOREVERMORE IS NOW OVER!!!









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