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      Before I knew it...


well my story starts when i changed church. Its basically the same church but theres alot of them all around here in california. so yeah anywayz. i changed church and here i met pretty cool ppl. and i actually got more familiar with people and i even started spending more time in church. but one day when we all went to the park i started talkin to this guy named Martin. hes a really shy guy but im the kinda girl dat talks alot lol. but when it comes to guys i like i get shy and dont know wat to do. hes a very cute guy though. but im 19 and hes 17. we became really close friends and to this day we still are. but ive notice how my feelins for him changed. recently he said he wanted a hug which is so not like him cuz very respectful towards girl. so i gave him a hug which made me feel extra special. and just yesterday after the service he asked WHERES MY HUG? so i gave him a hug and he squeezed me really hard. i think about him everyday. as soon as i wake up i think about him. and to be truthful i have no idea what going on. i know i like him alot. and i guess i have to be cool with just being friends. when he doesnt text me i feel sad and when hes wit girls it buggs me but i know were just friedns but idk. hes the cutest and sweetest guy ever. and he has alot of trust in me. so i dont know if our friend zone would ever be broken. but u know i just wish he would be happy. even if it is not with me. but something is for sure HE WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART AND MEMORY because theres people in life that stay wit u forever.


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