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       I don't know exactly how we met and it wasn't really romantic either so i really didn't make  a big deal out of the second we locked eyes to tell the truth i was drunk and could half see him across the club.

       Like any other person i was out on saturday with my main chicks Leila, Noelle, Charisma, Danica, Heidi, Helena, Olga, Valerie, Galleria, Jamie, Francisca, Amber, Ashley, Amy, and Vanessa. We needed to party so hard after mid-terms and half my b.f.f's were busy flirting me and Van' took a couple of shots with hot guys and then decided we had enough. Amy came with a guy from across the room and he handed me a tequila i was so drunk the next day i forgot all about who he was until he turned up in my History class in UNI. I was trying so hard to remember him but i could hardly remember his name lets say i called him Bradley until he said it was Braison Dylan. I was laughing so hard.

      We saw each other a lot after that and began to become a couple. He began getting too serious about me and what we were. I was always yelling at him and we seemed better because he never yelled back at me. I lost my virginity to him too so he was ready to get married to me. He had a job as a biochemist and loved me a lot. Don't get me wrong i LOVED him too just i thought i wasn't ready i told him so too.

      Years passed and i hadn't seen him in four years through friends i found out he had a fiancee and was happy. I was a lawyer at a firm by then and loved my job. I decided to visit him and congratulate him on his new fiancee. The momment i laid eyes on him i couldn't feel myself anymore i was sick for him and my heart began to beat repeatedly. When his fiancee entered the room i walked away. That night i stayed in bed angry eating chocolate bar after scoops of ice cream. I heard a knock on my door and i got up to open it and it was him. I felt like hugging him hard and just holding him tighteer that ever! We talked about things and caught up. We then began to hug good-bye and thats when it escalated into me kissing him and the bedroom door closing. He told me i was the only girl he would ever love and need in his life and his fiancee was just another replica but i was his true love and meaning.

    Weeks later he was married. I cried so hard my eyes hurt.......I was his only love! I was His MEANING! HOW! I was also his bride that day! And forever i'll tell my children that cause we are expecting Braison Dylan the SECOND May 15 2009!


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