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      And I love him


''You're making this harder, Im not going anywhere'', and those were the last words I heard from him. Me and Ismael hadn't been together for even a month and I had already messed it all up. The boy with the look on his face that you can tell is reading into your heart and into your soul and he was mine. Until I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life and lost the one who owned my heart. He said I had one last chance. ''Dont mess this up Rosie! Prove to me I can trust you! Prove to me you can be loyal and faithful!'', what was my reply? ''I'll prove it to you! I LOVE YOU!'' I ruined the love of my life. A love that blossomed in two weeks, a love that made me change everything for him, a love that over powers even myself. He said I have one last chance and I will take advantage of it. The song that plays over and over in my head to remind me of the love I once had and pray to get back.


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