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      A love two worlds apart


When you know you love someone it is hard to fathom being without them. For some strange reason if you know it is true it will defiantly stay no matter where you go. My love lives far away from me. If we had made more simple choices in our lives we probably wouldn't be so far. It's hard to know that the world he surrounds himself with will not be a part of me for quite sometime.

I often feel jealousy toward all those who get to spend their everyday surrounded by him. To me it seems that everyone takes him for granted. That is merely because he means more to me than anyone. It isn't fair though, how they can have him when he means less than what he would mean if he were able to come home to me every night. It is days like this, where I miss him dearly, that I wish I could just jump out of the line and run to him regardless of what others say. I guess the thing that keeps me alive is knowing if I wait someday he will be by my side, never to part. And finally our worlds will join together and no more will we wait to bind them together as one.


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