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      The Shell Thats Left


12 months to the day we split i have hit rock bottom.It all started with in her words '' oh ive had the coil fitted at the doctors while i was having a smear check up '' saying it was to help regulate her periods but it was for my benefit aswell. Two days later she goes out on a friday night and she comes back home after being out for 7 and a half hours at  02:30 in the morning.No contact of txt to let me know if shes ok,just '' im at a friends i'll be home soon. '' I go beserk and tell her shes got no respect amongst other things.The following day she says its not right between us but theirs no one else.That evening i spend the night in a hotel,then think what am i doing its my house and our sons there whos six now so i go back home.I get back in to bed lying there and shes asleep.I think theres something not right here so i get out of bed grab her phone of the bedside table, its switched off.She never turned her phone off.I go downstairs with the phone switch it on and then bingo a txt comes in from this guy saying '' for ever and ever'' with a kiss. I woke her up and we ended up having a massive row.She says its a mistake and wasnt for her.Anyway she moved out and was coming back each morning to get our son ready for school and dropping him back at night then when i returned from work she would go somewhere else friends or so.Then she says theres nothing between her and this guy but hes made her realise that its not right between us.Then she says nothings happened but its going too standing 3 feet away from me in the kitchen.A couple of days later walks through the door and shrugs her shoulders and says feels wierd now,almost saying shes just slept with him for the first time.A couple of weeks pass and shes moved in with the guy.Then my son moves in with her because i couldnt do the school times due to work.By the end of the third week she got an engagement ring on her finger from this guy and shes swanning around the school with it and people have asked if i know,which i didnt.Prior to my son meeting the guy she said hes going to meet him and that it was going to happen.So i reluctantly let her have him that sunday but later found out shes   already introduced him in the softplay kiddies barn behind our estate in our village to this guys 2 children.Months of mess followed and then i get arrested for harrasement sending txt messages.Five months after our split she gets married to this property developer who has 2 part time children but an instant family for my son who has no blood siblings which had been hard for me to take.I had to appear in court after they got married in Sicily as they also tried to say that i had something to do with burglaring there house and stealing his car and burning it out even though they did it themselves trying to push me out of the picture.Still after her sucking the life out of me bleeding me dry, i worked and she spent but twice as much as i had coming in.She even tried to get me to put her credit card debt on to the mortgage three months before we split.Then i find shes forged my signature on a loan she took out making it a joint loan without my knowledge.Ive been stuggling to come to terms with the debt shes left me in and the loss of my son from my home even though hes with me every weekend its still hard to take.Now im out of work and i cant see any light at the moment.



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