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      Still waiting 4 sum1


Fahmey-the gal i used 2 luv, speaking fairly i still love....
I hurt 3 gals for her and she hurt me for a guy.,. Destiny matters-
it iz 4 years ago, i saw her & broke into love wid her(unfortunately). They were shifting to my neighbourhood. It was in 2005, i was in 9th class..After a year and a half i proposed her first time. She said she uses to love a guy. It hurt me a lot...After a year or so i told her friend who was perhaps alot interested in me to make her talk with me. It must have hurt her, but i rarely cared.. fahmey refused to have a single word wid me saying that she hates me, bla bla..After a year or so in 12th std. i told her another 4nd to give me her phone number. She gave me but still then till now it is in my contacts just. I am now afraid of being hurt again.. To a much unexpected way.. It seems she even loves me but hesitates to accept..She waits for me to cross her whenever she is on the road..She makes her 4nds keep an eye over me whenever i am in the line of sight. I think she loves me. But to be more practical, she has rejected my love 3ice..I dont know whether she is gonna be mine any day, i jus know that i will only love her. And i will be always there for her. She accepts my love or not it used to matter but now it rarely matters for me...I still love her more than my life. She is my first but incomplete love.. Oh my 4nds please and please i request you folding my hands on my knees and pleading , please and please pray for my love, my life and my everything without which i am incomplete.
zeeshan only and only for Fahmey.


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