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      Arranged marriage


When i was 15 year old both of my parents told me that I'll be getting married to the man they already settled for me.At that age i was very confused and keep on asking them why should i married to that man i even don't mom said it's our traditional.When the time comes i should meet that mysterious guy together with his family i was shocked because that man is my schoolmate when i was in High school not only me but also him.So when i turn 18 and he turn to 21 we got married..After the marriage in the place where we will have our honeymoon he gave me this enveloped when i open it i shocked because it's an annulment paper.He said that "I know you don't love me,after 2 years we will be annulled with or without children...and so i agree on it..after 2 months he showed lots of care and so i.He already graduate but he again enrolled in the school where i enrolled and coures .Nobody in school knows that i'm his wife.He had friend who is a girl who always with him whenever he goes that girl is always there.My attitude change even my friends asked me if I'm jealous.I said no..One time one of my classmate who is with me in the lounge.My husband just seat beside me and asked if who is he??I said my classmate he just grabbed me and said lets go home it's getting too late already.At home i asked him"Are jealous??"he said YES i was shocked for his answer .And so i went to my room (we have separated rooms) he entered to my room said"can i talk to you? and i said yes..He seat beside me and said CAN WE BE Together Forever??Can we just throw that agreement???And i Said HUh???He explained that from the start he already fall in in love with me he just keep it.Then the annulment paper he just do that because he just wanted me to be free.But now he can't let me go...and so as i...and so we live together happily....


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