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      Unfaithful: 2 stories at once



           This is a true story of a girl and her fiancee before they knew they cared about each other. The girl is popular and the guy is a geek/nerd who'll do anything to be around her.




       Emma passed me by in the hall and gosh i love her so much. Her eyes are the deepest blue ever. When i walked to literature class Brad was with her. She always said Brad was a cheater why does she even love him? I hate him for hurting her so much i wish he would die.


        Mrs. Gayla was mad at me for not turning in my report on time and Emma was laughing with Brad. Emma is so pretty I 'LOVE' her so much but i know that me being a nerd isn't helping us. Brad was sent to the office for hitting Rodney against his locker. I a so happy that wasn't me! Brad is pretty big for a quarterback.


"Jake join Emma please in her group her partner is gone!" Mrs. Gayla said.


      Mike Fish quickly shot a dirty look at me. They all hate me cause I'm not the hottest guy ever made. I sat next to Emma and she smelt like pure seduction i read in a magazine girls who smell like Victoria's Secret are always good in bed.


"Jake um move a little i need space seriously your too close to me.." Emma said.


     The whole way i could tell she was texting while i did the work. I caught a glimpse of one of  he texts. "Jake Garrison is freaking me out by smiling at me every two seconds! And i kinda like his hair it smells nice like apricots Abby and he is kinda smart so he might be almost human." To you guys that may seem a little like a insult BUT it was the first compliment i got since fourth grade and from my crush since i was five!




     Recently after i texted Abby Iv'e been seeing Jake a lot he is so funny sometimes i might just be getting a crush after cheer leading he was outside and he was nice enough to walk me home. And that was two weeks after i finally dumped Brad.


     Jake cut his hair and cleared his pimples and is built now and seems more popular. He's got some major jock points and seems to be avoiding me I wish he'd be more faithful to when he said i like you when he walked me home! Jake Garrison is now a JERK like Brad. I hate HIM!




    I am now more cool then ever and Emma and i don't talk as much. But i still love her more than anything but she's been avoiding me after avoiding her! I hate this whole thing! I love her enough to shoot myself i wish she would pay more attention to me!




          Jake called and apologized for not calling me and were official. I LOVE him!



  Emma and Jake are getting married this summer 2009 after university! And if you guessed I'm Emma and i will marry Jake MY TOTALLY RANDOM FIANCEE.


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