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      I think I am loosing my mind and I am angry with love!!


I thought this guy was my soul mate, until yesterday the 26th march 2009 when he dumped me. I am a second year student @ NUL, and  he is a fifth year student @ the same university. I met this guy in our first semester, and and he  was so into me ( noyt unless he was pretending)


We gat so well and my friends were very happy for us.  I told my family members about him, but surprisely I dii n't know his friends but he knew mine. This semester he is @ the attachment, he was used to  calling me almost everyday, communicatoin between us was very healthy.


The other weekend i called him and he couldn't pick the phone, that's when things started to change between us. He stopped calling and smsing me. Then yesterday, I saw @ skool mind you, he did'nt  tell me he was coming, i was hurt and called him and that was when he told me that he was still coming to tell  me. We had a very bitter conversation, until it reached its climax and that was when he told me to quit his life. I couldn't believe it, but suprisely I didn't cry.


Today when I was going to the computer lab, I saw him near the new science building with other guys and I couldn't resist butterflies in my stomach, my eyes steamed with tears and wanted to sceam loud and cry. I wanted to call him and tell him how I feel about him, but was paralysed with bitter emotions. I fear to tell my friends about this break up, but felt fit enough to tell the world about it. I still love him, and believe some day I will get over him and move on with life. I know its gonna be hard, but the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory so I will persist till i successed. i know we were not meant to be together, and will be pleased to see him with the girl he loves, I wouldn't be happy to have him as part opf my life yet he feels trappe.


It felt like a dream yesterday, and it hurts me to see that its real. I miss him already, and wish I could turn backmthe hands of time. anyway, it might be a blessing in disguise  who knows...........stay in touch will keep you updated!!!!!!!!!  Dats a heartbroken girl from Botha-Bothe, Lesotho.


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