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      My love, my life, my Imran


My name is Rani and I am 17, I went to Pakistan last summer for a holiday, even though my parent's are from Pakistan originally, I had never been there before and was excited in a way coz I didn't know what it would be like.

I got there on the 14th July and my uncles had come to pick us up from the airport, I knew my uncles coz they had been to England, we got in the car and went for a 6 hour drive to our house. we got home at 3.00 am and all my cousins were asleep but not for long, everyone helped to take the luggage out of the vehicle, and that's where it happened- my heart was taken away from me. I saw the most gorgeous boy in my life, for a second or two I didn't realize who he was but then he spoke and said "how are you Rani?" and I was shocked but then suddenly realized that he was my uncle's son Imran.

We stayed in Pakistan for 6 weeks and I swear these were the most shortest 6 weeks ever, I really enjoyed living there because me and Imran were in the same house, so anyway we had a great time. then the time came to come back home, I really didn't want to come, I was ready to give up my whole career for Imran, but then my mum said that I could come back after I finished college, so that was was only a year.

Now it's December and I don't know how I have survived for so long- I miss him every second of every day! I just can't wait until the end of June when I'll be going back to be with my Imran forever!


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