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Geez, when you think about it, I would've been the last person on earth to ever settle down. "I had my cake and was eating it, too." I mean, even though I was the chubby girl in school; I never went without a boyfriend. In fact, my first day of 6th grade I came home with 2 boyfriends. My Mom knew she was in for a rough ride. I'll admit it, I was "Boy-Crazy!" Had my first kiss on the rugs during nap time in kindergarden. Now, obviously it wasn't a serious kiss, just one on the cheek. But, it proved how my life would go. From one guy to the next looking for another chapter in my book. Never looking for Mr. Right, Who needed him? I was having fun.

Graduated high school (believe it or not) still a virgin. Met a guy and it changed my life. I went from semi-rebelious to totally rebelious. Listening to no-one. But, after several hard falls in life and after "Getting Through The Hard Part" (a story I wrote); I met Mr. Wonderful. And in 12 weeks, I will be Mrs. Married!

It goes to show that the lord works in mysterious ways!

Love is great. (For more of my personal stories- go to "Finally Through The Hard Part," in LOVE; and also "Funeral Gone Wrong," in HEARTACHE.

Thanks for listening.


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