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i'm ZHORRHAI 20 years old,..i've met this guy who is one of my brothers friend

at first i really dont care about him coz he never give me an attention

but then one summer nigth i saw him and i was mesmerize by him..

i find way to communicate with him,..and then one of my friend told me that he was looking for a textmate my friend gave me his number..i started texting him since that day..He's name was ZHORRHOI  starting that day i've fallen inlove with him but he never give me hint that he love me but i feel that he cares for me even though he never says that through he's action and the way he tell me i know he loves me!!!he has a lot of dreams thats why he dont want to commit in a relationship like this,...but i have a plan to get him i will elope with him and get freggy so that he will goin to marry me!!!! you will read my love story on the next episode of my life,...




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