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      Love thru msn...


as many girls i use msn,but i am the kind of girl who onli has gurl addis, well ma freind gives a guy ma addi, and as many ppl i start talking to him but i onli lie about ma age...i lied and told him i was 18, wen realli im a 14 yr old school gurl , i sense he is the 1 i want, the 1 i need, and i start talking to him, the second dai, he started talking to me about periods and gurl stuff and sex, and i obviousli blush but say "wat the hek hes a guy hu has already learnt this, y shud i keep this away from him," and i tell; him ma gurli problems, the third dai hes starts aguring wid me and says i was lieing to him but i had already spilt ma heart out to him, from freinds i started to like him abit more than a freind, and after the argument he told me that he wants to marry me, but i remebered the fake age so i told him the truth and told him i loved him too,and he lied too, he was realli 18 and he lied that he was 22, lol hahaha, so then we started talking like lovers, he bought a smile on ma face, he showed me his fotos and himself on web cam, few dais later i asked him for his number and foned him, ooohhh my his voice was sweet, AND HIS LAF WAS EXTRAORDINARYILY WOW...HEART MELTING, but like many asians, a week or so later i found out that his mother wants him to get marrid and my life just crashes, and now i dont know wat to do, he hasnt even seen me yet and i dont know how to meet him , cuz he lives in london and i live in birmingham,...oh god kaisi mushkil agayi???

will i ever be his wedded bride..ooohh god help meeee...plz...


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