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The pain I have right now wont be heal by anyone! why does we got easily hurt if we love someone who thought us was meant for us? my story goes like this, my classmate asked my number and that time i have a boyfriend who was his classmate too n other subject, he knows all of me almost of my secrets because where texting all day and we become close friends. he knows that i have a boyfriend and i now he also has a girlfriend.until such time i loose my boyfriend and he told me that they already broke up with his girlfriend too.. we always have communication even though we often see each other we feel at ease, I'm so happy about the mutual understanding we have until such time he fall for me and i fall from Him too, we fall from each other. and then a friend of Him who was also a friend of mine who knows about his secret, told me everything about his friend, he said that he and his girlfriend was still holding strong but his mind not yet set who's the two of us, he still care the relationship that they have even though he love me more than his girlfriend.I don't know if i still want to hear his explanation and i guess its better to set Him first i was expecting that his the one who's send god to care and love me for the rest of our lives but i guess it's wrong because I know he still committed to someone else and i don't want to loose their relationship, I end up with our communication and till now still the pain that i have in my heart will remained and it brought scars... I realized not to trust the person who though you is trustworthy and honest! so guys keep a matter of respect... maybe one day you just realize that all the important thing in you're life was gone suddenly and make it into pieces..


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