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      I can never love anyone else....


I'm a 23 year old girl who went crazy for someone who was really unfaithfull .wen i saw him first i thought he can bring happiness to my lonely life.i was very happy with him during the first few days that we have spend together.after the second year he was changed a lot.he had no interest in talking to me.i tried a lot to explain from him everything,one day i saw him with another girl who was my classmate.i thought they are just friends.later on i heard that they are in love with each other.i asked from him wether its true or not.he said he had no such kind of intension.after few days he called me and said that he wont call me any more.i was shocked.i became speachless.then he disconnected the phone.after that i tried a lot to talk to him, but he rejected.finally i heard that he has made up with that classmate.i cried a lot.i have been with him for 4 years and i was really faithfull in all the ways.but in return he gave me pain.a pain that can never survive without my innocent is takes away what we want and brings in what we haven't even expected to have in our life.i can never cry like the way i have cried when he left me.i can never trust a man any more.for years since he left me i tried to forget him but i have failed.i could not forget him.i could not forget the times that we have spend together.i could not forget the songs that we have listened together.i'm still living with the same pain he gave me.i love him a lot but he will never listen to my voice.i wish he can realise his mistake of hurting an innocent girl like me who loves him truely madly deeply.i'm still waiting for you.i will be loving you till my last breathe.i love you so days begins with your memories and ends with the pain you gave me.this life has no meaning without life is incomplete without you.


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