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On Labor Day in 2000, I was spending the afternoon with my girlfriend of four months at a music festival in Seattle, WA. It was on that day that she first gave me, "the look!" It was nothing more than a passing glance, really, but in that glance she told me that she loved me. Perhaps some of you may know this look. Anyway, this couldn't have been better news. I had been in love with her for some time but hadn't shared my feelings.

She had made it clear early on in our relationship that she wasn't prepared for anything too serious. "I just broke off a four year relationship with my boyfriend and I need some time," she explained. "If you're interested in a relationship, be prepared to go extremely slow." And slow it was. I wanted to respect her pace so I basically let her initiate any development in our relationship (first kiss, etc.). After four months of dating she was just starting to refer to me as her boyfriend. So when she gave me "the look," you can imagine my surprise... and delight! Since I knew the feeling was mutual, I decided that I was going to take her on a romantic date where I would first express my love for her.

On the night of our date, I presented her with a huge bouquet of flowers when she came to the door. As a side note, she told me that no guy had ever bought her flowers before a date before (only prior to prom, on Valentine's Day, etc.). We climbed in my care, where Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" was playing on the CD player. That, by-the-way, is her favorite song. In fact, she told me that the man she would marry would be the man who could appreciate the words to that song. Anyway, I took her to Salish Lodge, a romantic dining spot which overlooks a waterfall, for dinner.

After dinner, we walked down a path to the waterfall where I put my arms around her to keep her warm. I was thinking to myself, "this is it! Now's the time to tell her that you love her!"

I was working up the nerve when suddenly... she started to cry! Softly at first, then it became a sob. "Why are you crying," I asked. But she only shook her head and cried harder. "Please tell me why you're crying," I pleaded. She looked at me with red, swollen eyes and gasped between sobs, "I have something to tell you but it's really hard to say to someone."

"Just interrupt her and shout, 'I love you,'" I thought. But then I thought, "but what if what she has to say is really bad!" Ultimately, I chickened-out. "What is it, what do you have to tell me," I asked?

She took a large breath, so she could get everything out that she had to say, and between sobs she said, "I love you and I told my mom that you're the man I want to marry!!!!"

Well, she beat me to the punch line but, in our first year of marriage, I've made up for it with plenty of adorements.


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