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      OH NO!


I'm a lesbian, and for a long time i didn't tell anyone because i was too embarrassed about what my friends would think.

the truth is, I've fallen in love with my best friend Naomi.

i don't know what to do, whenever she smiles or laughs i cant control my excitement.

i want to be with her, near her, i want to be† the one she thinks of and cares for.

please, if anyone has any ideas on how to make her bend that way, please, tell me.

thank you.†My objectives are for me to mainly establish a customer base. With this I can continue to make an impression on them, so that they continue to shop with simply chocolate. I also aim to break-even, covering all costs that were used for things such as advertising and marketing.I would also like to start selling a wider range of products after my first year so that I can keep my customers happy and improve any overall profit.

Another aim is to widen my selling methods, for example over the internet

from my product range. I asked them what brand of chocolate they would favour more to be sold in simply chocolate. The majority of the results told me that Cadbury would be a good product for me to sell, so I will make sure there is enough range of that to satisfy the customerís needs. Also the results showed me that cooking books for chocolate delicacies would be a good idea; however I might only introduce this to my business.


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