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      30% love


I have known this guy for a long time, were at the same place, were neighbor's.  I don't really expect that we will became as lovers, because, even we've known each other since childhood were not really close, he even knew my past boyfriends. When I moved to another place to find a job to be independent, he came along, he contacted me because his with the same place also and we were able to communicate and we became as lovers.  I can say that our relationship is going smoothly, were happy, for me it was good.  Problem came along for us, it was his ex girlfriend, he revealed to me that he still loves the girl more than me, it is so really disgusted I'm so hurt for I feel insulted.  He knew that the girl will soon getting married and his hurting because he still hoping for they can be together someday, I ask him if he still needs me, love me for I don't know what to do of what I heard from him. In response, he said he needs me but he just love me 30%, and he really love that girl. I said to him that I can be here for him, I will help him to get through all the pain he feels, I'm so martyr, its because I love him. But later, I realized is he's worth fighting for? What if doesn't? I'm still at the level of fixing things and thinking for the right decision, because I don't want to regret whatever decision I will be made.

I am hoping for a positive outcome with this.


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