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      He was never mine.


a couple of years ago i met a girl called Kathrine. She was new at the school so i decided to make friends with her and let her into my friendship group. we got on well and it wasn't long till we were best friends and when she got a boyfriend i couldn't be more happy. her boyfriend was a guy called Alex. i had known him for a couple of years but not very well but after he started dating Kathrine we became friends too. for a while it was perfect. the three of us would go out together. they were like best friends to me till everything changed. one day Alex invited me out just me and him. Kathrine was on a school trip and i didn't think she would mind. me and Alex spent the day together talking and laughing and when he walked me home i realised that as soon as i closed the door i missed him. i couldn't stop thinking about him, his smile, his beautiful blue eyes. but i didn't want to hurt Kathrine so for a week i avoided them both thinking i could get over Alex. but he came to my house angry because i was being so rude to him. i didn't tell him the truth i just got quiet and after that he didn't try talking to me again. i saw him everyday but knew i couldn't get close to him again. it wasn't worth Kathrine and my friendship. Alex seemed to change, he went from being good at school to bunking and finally Kathrine had enough of his moods and dumped him. i had just decided to give Alex's and my friendship another go when i got a call from Kathrine. Alex had been drink driving and had died in the crash. my heart was broken. i went to the funeral but everyone saw me as just an old friend. no one knew he was my world.

please, if you love someone tell them before its too late.


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