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      I love him but i wish i didnt


iv been with this lad for nearly a year and we have been really close ..but we have both upset eachother,and he had hurt me first and i forgave him but i did the stupis mistake to say something i didnt mean back to him.. so basically he wont forgive me and his mum hates me and wont let him near me anymore..but we both still love eachother loads,

i dont even know why i do though,all he ever does now is flirt with other girls to wind me up and says that it is just revenge on me..and all my mates think he is an ideot and hate him because he says he dont wanna ever talk to me ever again,i know he cares about me,but he doesnt realise how nasty he is at times ,but i cant seem to let him go..and whenever i think im over him he comes back to me and tells me he loves me so sick of going back and forth,im in the position where im falling for him again,and i know il be hurt once again ..


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