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      I was hurt by the man i love


during our 1st yr and 11 mos in our relationship, i feel that we can't be together because it may be the sign that we need to break up. he never understands me as a student of nursing which is a course that is so stressful.

one day, during exam week, he called on me on the phone. then, he said let us talk. what should i do? i am so tired. then, i told him not to call me now because i am so tired from school. he said that we must break up because he feels i have no time for him. but the truth is there is. i used not to attend my minor subjects just to give his favors because i love him so much.

then after he said that, i agreed and realized that it must be that we have to break up. the most thing that hurts me was when he said that he lose nothing but only me. you know what does he mean to say.


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