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      Confused x3...


Ok so i was going out with this guy who had just broken up with his girlfriend of 2years. He asked me out i said yeah kinda feeling sorry for him but also because ive always had a mini crush on him. Well we went out for 3weeks and he was practicaly in love with me and i didnt really feel the same dont get me wrong though i liked him alot. So I meet this guy who i clicked with really fast. And who has now fallen head over heels for me according to him. Soon after i found out my bf was trying to work things out with his ex. It hurt but i was secretly relived. So i broke it off and it devistated him. I felt horrible and he was so mad at me but mostly hurt and he cried over me too. I dont know weather to just go on and go with this guy who i like or go back with my now-ex. Either way im gonna break a heart... And if i make the wrong desicion ill break mine too. Help i need opinions...


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