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      Is it my fault?


Well before i start... My name is Alisha,

    One of my cousins got me in this boy together. He only lived around the corner, after we met i felt a connection right away and he said he felt the same. We would talk on the phone for hours without running out of things to say. Me and him aways hung out at my house or at his. Everyone would tell us we looked so cute together =]. I remember this one time he stayed up all night on the phone with me when i was sick, And the other time he let me hold his hoodie when it was cold out [even though he didnt have anything else for him]. He would always be afraid to call my house [lol] even though my mother thought he was a great boy!


    He was all i ever dreamed of. Whenever i was around him, it was like we were the only two people on earth. I would get nervous when he called or when i seen him walk by. Yea we had our bad times... but with all the good times we had. I can barely remember any of the bad things.

I thought he was the one, Maybe he was, Maybe he is! I guess i'll never know.. I was every stupid for wat i did. now i regret it and cant get im back.


       One day, I was on the phone with him. We talked just about everything.

I told him how i felt, he told me how he felt. To me things went a little too far.

He said "Alisha.. I love you" I didnt say it back, instead i broke up with him and suggested we be friends and only friends.

I wanted to love him i really did. In fact I do love him. At that time i just wasnt ready to love because i didnt want to get my heart broken. And now that im ready to love him.... he's already with someone else. We are still friends but it kills me when he talk about his girlfriend. Yes, I have a boyfriend.. but he's nothing like him =[


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