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      I'm just another GF


Yeah, I really liked him and one of our good friends set us up. I had lots of fun with him and would cry if he doesn't attend to my calls.

One thing about him was, he had other GFs who always call when I'm with him. It really hurts but I bottled it up. Couldn't take it anymore so I told him to choose between them and me.. I told him to be straight with me... well then shit happens...

He knows I'm a virgin and couldn't stop pestering me to sleep with him. I told him not to rush things as they should come naturally. Unfortunately, he couldn't be patient any longer so he sent me an sms last night which said..."I QUIT".

I had nothing to say as thats his decision and I respect that. But deep within me, my crying to myself cos I really really like him and think that I was in love with him...


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