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      Too Young For You


This is based on a true storey about me..

It all started looking thorugh my friends list of friends when i saw Daneil this lad who stood out...

He was so fit and extremaly cute so i add him on msn and hope he accpets me..And fotuantley he does so i begin to talk to him, its innocint flirting...we call each othjer nbames argue all that shit...

Then i see him at school aftre the holidays...which is awkward that i wont dare say hi cause he is with his mates...and then my heart begins to ache as i see him at the stones kissing this blonde lass...its hard to breath and i just wnat to hide..but i decide to go strong and walk past. Then i hear his voice shouting me over. but i carry on i dont wnat too see him with her.

So on msn he come sonline and asks why i didnt come over, i just say i didnt hear him. So we talk and he is amazing...then i go to gym and he goes to gym. And obvoiusly we get to know eahc other more and were good friends.

But i went skiing for a week and when i got back he said he missed me which made me happy, but then i relised he is with his girlfriend. And she is nice, i just cnat stand to bear him with her and not me. But i act strong and i wnat to tell him that i love him..and i may be too young and he will sya im just a kid who dosent understand love..but im not i love him more then ever..

And i wish i could tell him but i cant i do love him..and i just wnat him to know this but i cant god..i know im too young and cant give him what he wnats and my mum syas he's too old but I LOVE


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