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Right now, I'm a student here in SPC at college level. I used to have a lot of friends back then, but nowadays, I'm not who I used to be. I think I need a psychiatrist to understand me. My boyfriend nor my parents and relatives understand what I'm going through. It's really depressing right? I don't even know what my problem is. My so-called "friends" doesn't talk to me much. They only talk to me when I talk to them. It's like they're taking me for granted or something like that. My boyfriend and I even have a huge problem right now. My grandparents forbid me to let him go to our house because they heard us fighting over the phone. I know I was at fault but, they are WAY over-reacting. They even said bad words and blabber about what happened to my aunts the next day. I really hate it. Even though my parents doesn't know anything about it. It's pathetic to even tell others about other people's problems. I freakin' hate it. I used to be "open" to my parents about my personal life, but now, when I open up to them, they just say "ah" or "okay". Whatever. Is it too much if I just wanted a normal life? Everybody has it! Why shouldn't I have one? They all just think I'm too immature for this! Well, maybe I am! But I do take this seriously!


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