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      For you I will



      I hated my family on Christmas when my mom and dad would call over the whole Greenwood family to Disney World it was our thing, but when i turned thirteen and a half all my cousins were grown and brought along boyfriends and friends, that's exactly when i met Connor, my cousin's best friend.


     The backseat of the taxi was always bets, for everything Teddy Geiger Music and more i would sing-along loudly so i seemed like i had something better when really i had nothing to do but stare at all of them. Just then, a really hot guy walked in the van, my cousin Stan's best friend, Connor.

My cousin Avery looked at him like she liked him, although they were the same age i liked him too, but i didn't know that then.


      After we reached the hot in Disney World I hopped out and picked the best hotel room.Avery had to bun with me. That night she called Connor to hang out with us. It was non-stop flirt-a-mania! She kept saying things like


"I want to be a model."


"I wanna meet Ashton Kutcher"


"You have beautiful Green eyes."


       And all he said was "yup, Thank you and occasionally he would look at me and smile. Finally Avery left the room and i was with him alone.


"By the way I'm Connor." He said.


"Yeah I heard." I said.


"You want to um hang out sometime." He said.


       Thats when i began to look suspicious. I just nodded and smiled and i pretty much looked like an idiot. The next day He came and asked what i wanted to do.


"Lets go on some rides." He suggested. Stan caught up to us four hours later.


"You guys! Man you totally ditched me!" Stan said all whiny.


"I'm fifteen OK i don't ditch i walk away." Connor joked.


       The three of us rode rides until Connor said his stomach hurt. I stayed back with him while my cousin ran off to go on more rides.


"I'm not sick..." Connor said.


"Well why-" before i could finish he was kissing me.


"I am younger than you Connor." I said awkwardly under his arm.


"Yeah well, I'm sorry just I've never met someone like you someone so mean yet so sweet i just can't help it." he said.


I wanted to push out but purposefully i pushed in to get closer to him then he began to kiss me more.


      Finally he let go so i could see his green eyes in the sunlight and just as Avery said, they were beautiful. We began to walk toward the hotel giving each-other little or no space at all either his arm was around my shoulder or my hip was against him. Finally we reached the hotel i went into my room and fell asleep.


 The next week i went home. No one stayed at our house. Finally the day of my sixteenth birthday two year passed. Me and Connor talked through email. He had gotten accepted to all the universities he applied for, to be honest he had given me my first kiss. He said he was coming into town to see Stan. When he came over to my house he was much more different he was wearing a suit and was taller but still cute.


My dad glanced over at him, "It's saturday son my company is closed." he said walking back outside to leave with my mom.


"Well, I haven't seen you in a while." he said smiling.


"What am i too ugly now?" he asked looking at me from the side of my table.


"No your just Different." I said. He began to come closer to me. Then he kissed me. We all know that feeling when your sixteen and want to have sex but your christianstian. Well we went up to my room and he also took my virginity away. After a while I was up and he was dressing.


"I should not have done that." He said.


"I should have asked you if you felt ready for that." he said.


"Well we did use a condom." I said.


  when he left i began to laugh at how stupid we were upstairs. He texted me every how i was every so often. Then after i reached and finished university i had landed a job in a hospital. I was in hollywood and above anything he had a business trip there. We spent every waking momment together. Until he asked to marry me. And duh i said YES!






So on july, ill be married. I'm Kelsy and yes im in love.




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