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      Love joining 2 countries, 2 cultures


I met him in a crowded dance club on a Saturday night. I saw him from across the room. I could not tell he was from a different country or even a different nationality. I was the shy girl who never wanted to go and talk to the boys, but my never shy friends pushed me to talk to this one. I could tell that we were both attracted to each other and we immediately connected. We were both timid and shy but standing there gazing into each others eyes we immediately fell for each other. We spent the rest of the evening, night, and the next morning together.

That was almost 10 months ago, and we are still together. He is from the Dominican Republic and I was born and raised in Indiana. He speaks Spanish as his first language, I took Spanish in high school but can't remember anything. Their culture is so different than ours. He has opened my eyes and my heart to new and exciting things in life. Everyday I learn how to cook a new food, say a new word, or dance a new dance. Everyday with him is new and exciting. We have bonded, we have both had bad relationships in the past, so we are a little scared about opening up to each other. We have grown to become a beautiful couple, planning on getting married and moving to a new home. We have overcome so many challenges and have changed our thoughts and actions to please each other.

Love is a wonderful thing, it can totally change a person. With Gods love and grace we will move on to the next steps in our lives together. As one, united and never divided. As man and wife.


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