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      A chat for him!!


..,this story happens when I'm was 4th year high school..,i found my first love but we never had a relationship..actually he was the first man in my life that use to make me feel love..,he was not my type even though he was tall dark and handsome...,I do ignoring his face..,and we never had any conversations since when we are first to 2nd year..,when i was third year and i used to sit on his front..he used to touch my hair well it's not up to me..he even request me to sing his favorite song "LIps Of AN Angel" ..& your guardian angel..,actually that was the first time that i used to sing in front of him..,i was so shy doing that..then i become interested to listen some gossip about him..,i do become interested to know more about him when he asked about who is my crush???..,then when we were 4th year..,i did not expect that we will become close to each other..this was the start of my first foolish love..he do act's like we are..he even touches my nose..,talk to me..,until I'd realize that i have a crush for him..,seems like we are and we have a relationship..our classmate used to ask me if we had a relationship because we are so sweet to each other.., at first it was not deep..,I'd realize that he was not the kind of boy i used to know..,I see that he was not a snobbish person..,and he was a chick magnet also..,then he told me if i have a YM!!..then i give it to him every night we were chatting to each other..,I think that time we were mutual.. and we have the feeling for each other because he use 2 say i love you in chat...,then one time he'd ask if can he court me?? huh...,i was so shock and felt happy..BUT he was so confusing that's why he did not continue it..,then I'd notice that he loves another woman...,that woman was not that beautiful..,actually i don't even like her attitude..from being so boastful,stagy,and fake..,that girl don't even like my love...,but he used to give a chance by answering the comment of the man and used to tell that its kinda's funny that I'd like him but he don't like me..he like her..but that girl doesnt like her..haist!!what a love is..,until now..,i'd like him..but it's impossible for me and him...,i'd used to cry when i get jealous.. i really like and I hope that we become..,but seems so impossible...,until now were chatting to each other but he changed a lot..,he's now that sweet man i had before but even though he's like that I'd love him..,and i want to thanks him for his fake love for me..,because i do experience how to be love for the first time of my life....,----co...,hahaha..i will support you in my ways..go and court the one you love..,

i borrow the bulletin of the one of my close friend to tell you::

I'm the girl of your dreams masquerading as your close friend..,my dad told me that there are two types of girl: the one you grows out of, and the one you grow into. i really hope I'm the latter. I may not be the one you love today, but i'll let you go for now, hoping that one day you'll fly back to me because i think you worth the wait..bye!!!


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