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      Eyes are the windows to the soul


I was once a young teenage girl, with nothing on my mind except partying, and acting foolish. One day when I was very young, I met a cousin of a friend that I was instantly infatuated with. He was the most beutiful man I had ever seen, with eyes the color of emralds, sometimes the color of the ocean, and somtimes the color of morning fog. Tall, light skinned.. and sexy. I had no idea that over the next few years I would fall in love to the point that I could no longer bear it. we began seeing each other on a daily basis, somtimes spening all night together. He wasn't ready to go all the way, and I was, and it seemed like he always teased me. My best friend (a.k.a. his cousin) would tell me to share my feelings with him, but I was way too shy.

In time, we drifted apart. I missed him so much, because when I was with him he gave me such an amazing feeling (I know you have all had that feeling once or twice) that it seemed no one since has been able to give me. Looking into his eyes let me feel everything he felt for me and more, but sadly we let our shyness get in between our love for each other. Though I was very young, and many years have passed I'll never forget the way his soul felt next to mine. To this day I regret not opening up, and pray that somehow, we will find each other together again.

My advice to all the young lovers; DON'T LET FEAR HOLD YOU BACK! You could be missing out on your soulmate.


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