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      My life story


I'm 21 years and he is 23years.first we both meet each other in college.then we turns into best friends.he send me proposal with my friend Micky.i accepted his proposal.first he has to call me on y land line the i took cell coz of him then he called me once In week ,then once a day then twice and so on later we talks hours and hours.he came at my place to see me coz our exams were going on.we meet each other in cold drink.later our love grows deeper and deeper.that we cant live without each other.time went days past our relation was so strong that he took me at his place and introduced my self to his family but his parents was unaware of it rest was all knowing his sisters n all family.even my family came to know about day came that he told me don't call me anymore i don't love you.i was there at my friends place assanora i was totally mad.i was shocked that night i was not able to sleep properly whole night i was crying and crying and my friend telling me Sid please don't cry...but i was crying.i was totally broken.i tried him calling but he rejected me.he was with other girl.he told me that he don't love me he loves other one.but he had not tell me her name.i had done every thing that Will take my life even i had took mt Granny's sleeping tab,but i saved form it i don't no how i save.after days and months past i meet my other friend he told Me whatever is happening it is happening for good itself.i agreed with his saying.god please help me in my way of living i want to start my new life but i don't wan him back in my life I'm getting scare whether he will trouble totally broken down god please help me please


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