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      Heartache story


  hi I'm a dead bird...why dead bird?coz i lost my life.i cant live without him.our relation was 5years but i don't no how he went away from me.I'm always cursing god for it.loved him much more then my life.he was als love me but how he went away fom me..his name is rohan..rohan if ur reading this story pleaze understand that i cant live without u dear i'll die pleaze come alone here.i dont hav any one in my life except you.i dont no y u did lik this with me.but i still love you dear.if i get amrried also then i will always love you coz you are my first love.shona pleaze come re.otherwise i'll die without you.i remember each day we both spend.becaoz of you i had tries to suiceide but no use i saved.why u did like this with me why?why?why?


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